Ray Marching Experiments using Shadertoy

Even though this is in the meantime a topic that is 20+ years old: I still find GPU shaders extremely fascinating: A super versatile way of leveraging the enormous power of your GPU for playful recreational coding. Ray Marching is a technique that is also around since ages and that lends itself very well for being implemented on a GPU. Using Ray Marching, you can achieve stunning results with just a few lines of code. The Art of Code is an inspiring YouTube channel, which I used back in 2019 to learn how to do Ray Marching. One of the godfathers of the topic though is Inigo Quilez, whose website offers a wealth of material on the topic.

Here are two experiments I made in 2019 using Shadertoy. Click the images to see them running and to have a look at the source code. Currently, the music that is affecting the Audio Tunnel in realtime only works on the Firefox browser.

Audio Tunnel

Smurf Gum in Vanilla Cream

done by sy2002 in March 2019