tuques - 141 Byte DOS .com demo

This demo by sy2002 is crocheted into certain tuques by FEZ. It is done by binary encoding the 141 bytes of the executable into the stitches. Inspired by fr29b by ByTeGeiZ and done by sy2002 on December, 30th 2013.

The best way to view this demo is to download the .com file and to use DOSBOX on your local computer. The second best way is to watch it on YouTube. The third best way (slower, jittering) is to use the Java version of DOSBOX called jDosBox, which is built-in to this webpage below this text. You need to enable Java support in your browser to see it and you need to go to your computer's Java Control Panel and add http://www.sy2002.de to the trusted sites within the security settings tab.

Scroll down to see the source code or click this link.